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pipe bombs

taken from: bomb book 2, destruction text files, which you can find here

This file was written for INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY, and NOT for illegal use. The writer cannot be held responsible for anything you do to yourself!!!! If there are any spelling or grammatical errors, then FUCK OFF AND DIE cause I don't really care... my point is driven across.

Well first of all in order to make a pipe bomb , you must first have a pipe. It doesn't matter how big, or how small, you could use a 1 inch copper pipe, or you could use a 2 foot long drainage pipe. Once you have this, you will need a few ingredients first. These ingredients make a substance called 'flash powder'. This can be a lot of fun if you make a pile of it about 1/4 lbs. and have your friend light it with a match (some friend). Well, here's what you need:

1> Potassium Chlorate (get it at any chemical store)

2> Powdered Charcoal (not briquets, take some ash from the fire place)

3> Powdered Magnesium (ground up mag. fire starters from camping sections)

4> Sulfur (you know where to get this!)

5> Some kind of piping

6> Hot glue gun, or melted glue

7> Small drill bit and drill

8> Tissue paper (ie. Kleenex)

9> Mist water bottle + sprayer (Windex bottle, etc..)

The magnesium has to be FINE!!! The finer the faster! You can get them in the camping sections of Caldor, and Sears. They look like a block of aluminum on a key chain ($5.00 - $7.00 butthey go a long way!).

Now that you have the stuff, start the work. Find a drill bit about the size of a pencil point, and drill a small hole about dead center of the pipe, only drill thru one side of the pipe, don't drill both sides. Now you should have a piece of pipe, with a small hole drilled into it. After this, take some hot glue (hot glue gun or such). Take a piece of regular paper (not tissue) and stuff it into one end of the pipe, so it plugs up the hole, and is about 2cm into the pipe. Now fill that end with melted glue over the paper, so its about even with the pipe, and sit that down on another piece of paper. Now you should have a pipe with a small hole in the center, and one end with about 2 cm of glue on it, and 2 pieces of paper on either side of the glue.

So far so good... now for the flash powder. Pour in the potassium chlorate (largest amount). Then pour in the charcoal (a little less than the chlorate). Pour this stuff into a grinding plate, not the pipe. Now for the magnesium you filed off the block and ground up finally, make this a bit less than the charcoal amount. Lastly add the sulphur, only a little though, about half as much as the magnesium you just put in. Now grind all the ingredients together until they look like 1 grey dust. Try a little bit (no not the whole damn thing! save that for the fun later!). Light it and see how fast it goes off. Your gonna have to fiddle with it until it turns out the fastest (sounds like something else eh?).

Now that you have the flash powder ready, stick a piece of tape over the small hole you drilled (so nothing spills out). Put the pipe over a sheet of regular paper so you don't loose any of this precious flash powder and start to poor it into the pipe. One the pipe seems full, place a piece of paper over the opening in that end, and pack that piece of paper, and the powder down into the pipe.

Take the paper out, and pour more powder in. Keep doing his until its very well packed, and its almost full! Make sure that the flash powder fills above the small hole you drilled! Now put a piece of paper over the powder, and give it one last pack (a small rod, and a hammer will do just fine, but make sure you don't get any sparks!!).

After that, pour in your final glue in the end you just packed, make sure it fills to about 2 cm of glue in that end, over the paper! Stick another piece of paper over that end (just glued) and let it dry, but when drying put it on a flat surface so it hardens flat!

While your waiting for it to dry, take your tissue paper, and lie it down flat on the table, over a piece of cardboard or something if its a good table!! Now mix some water with the flash powder (about 1/2-1/2 mix). No it won't kill the powder. Now shake up the bottle, and spray the tissue paper with the mixture Let it dry, and repeat the sequence. After about 4 shots on 1 side, repeat on the other side (flip the tissue paper). Continue this until your liking. When this is done, and the tissue paper is dry, tear/cut off a small sheet, roll it, and light it.

If you like it, then fine, if not, then keep spraying it. If you like to, before rolling it, pour in some flash powder (not too much!!!) and roll it like a joint. Then twist it. You now have a fuse (really?!?!). Make sure its long!!

Now for the final assembly. Take the tape off the small hole you drilled, and poke thru the powder with a pencil point/ice pick or whatever (or the drill bit!). If you REALLY want to, then put a drop of glue to hold the fuse in better, but you don't have to!! (not too much!). Now make sure the glue has hardened for about 1 hour or so until its rock hard (no ideas!).

You are now the proud owner of a home made PIPE BOMB. Great for parties/special occasions, weddings, Russians, mail boxes and anything else you want to do. When you light this bomb, point the end in the direction you are gonna be running in, and don't throw it (unless your crazy, and in that case, I don't give a shit!) so it doesn't frag in your face!!

If you really want to fancy it up, you can always use threaded steel end caps!!!!!!

Well I hope you enjoyed your fun today, and happy bomb making!

Be safe (hehehe)

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